About Us

Industry experts agree that excess moisture in crawlspaces and basements creates numerous challenges for homeowners. These challenges consist of mold, cupping of wood floors, poor indoor air quality, infestation of pests, and deterioration of the sub-floor and insulation.

Several organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency, American Lung Association, and American Medical Association all recommend using dehumidifiers to maintain humidity levels of 50 percent or less in the home, like the ones offered by Santa Fe.

Santa Fe high-capacity dehumidifiers are the most energy-efficient on the market and are designed to effectively operate in the cooler temperatures of a basement or crawlspace.  The units help maintain the structural integrity of the home, inhibit mold growth, and improve the indoor air quality of the home by removing odor-causing moisture.

Santa Fe is manufactured in the U.S.A. by Therma-Stor LLC, located in Madison, Wisconsin.  Therma-Stor was established to apply advanced heat transfer technologies to residential and commercial markets. The company also manufactures the Ultra-Aire™ series of whole house dehumidifiers, Therma-Stor® Heat Reclaim Water Heaters; Quest™ and HI-E Dry™ commercial dehumidifiers and hydronic heat equipment; and the Phoenix™ line of restoration equipment for dehumidification, air scrubbing, water extraction, heat drying, and evaporative drying.

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